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12L Polypropylene Mop Bucket

Ideal for: Carrying cleaning solution for mopping. Size 285 x 370mm 12L..

200x Pop-up Timers 180C long

Accurate Temperature Measurement Each Pop-Up Timer is calibrated to activate at a precise temperature ranging from 62°C to 180°C. Even novice cooks can cook meats and poultry to perfection. The bright..

Aluminium Hanging With Assorted End Clips 515mm

Aluminium Hanging With Assorted End Clips 515mm..

Bone Guard Non-Woven

Bone Guard Wax Roll PF Non Woven 300mm x 100m PF Non Woven Mesh Type Also known as bonewrap. Boneguard is used to protect vacuum pouches and shrink barrier bags from sharp bones. It is wrapped around ..

Cutlet Frills

Paper Cutlet Frills ideal for presentation..

Enclosed Plastic Dustpan

Ideal for removing large amounts of debris. Size 104 x 300mm Autoclavable to 134c Temperature tolerance -10c to 120c..

Hand Tenderiser

Makes any boneless cut of meat tender Reduces cooking time up to 40% Dishwasher safe (top rack only) No loss of natural juices Easy to use...

Mincer Plungers 450mm

Mincer Rammers or Plungers, made from polyethylene, plastic stomper for mincers...

Pastry Brush Soft 240mm

Pastry Brush..

Plastic Bone Duster

Plastic Bone Duster..

Red and Green Garnish Divider

Dividers are ideal for using to separate different foods Add a splash of colour between product groups Heavy duty and extremely durable..

Spinal Cord Remover

Plastic handled spinal cord remover with stainless steel blades. Large blade for cattle and small blade for hogs...

Stainless Steel Measuring Jug

This product is ideal for measuring liquid ingredients in food preparation areas...

Strip White Socket Mop

Strip White Socket Mop Ideal for Soiled areas, tiles, smooth flooring. 130g Machine Washable..
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