Yoghurt Based Marinades

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Classic Coq-Au-Vin

A savoury silky red wine sauce with savoury notes of herbs. This sauce also doubles as the classic rustic dish Beef Burguignonne.See Related Recipes:Beef Bourguignonne Pies..

Classic Cream Pepper

Velvet smooth sauce speckled with cracked peppercorns. Medium heat, ideal for chicken fillets ,pork chops etc. Finish lightly with French Deco or garnish of your choice...

Classic Gaelic Sauce (Creamy Whiskey)

Rich creamy marinade-sauce based on the traditional Irish recipe, flavour enhanced with whiskey...

Classic Goulash with Yoghurt

This is our signature Classic Goulash sauce with added yogurt. It is deliciously warm and earthy with full bodied dominant flavours of tomato, paprika, black pepper, onion and garlic. This product is ..

Classic Palermo Provencale

Italian inspired marinade based with tomato and basil flavours. Ideal for meat balls and oven products...

Classic Stroganoff Sauce

Must Try sauce with three variants of mushroom finished with a classic blend of spices, this sauce can be used in various ways on beef or chicken for great recipes just ask!See Related Recipes:Classic..

Classic Thai Curry Bangkok

A mild curry with pleasant hints of ginger and refined with lemongrass...

Classic Tikka Masala

Powerful aromatic marinade for beef and chicken for those who like a spicy finish. Could also be sold as a red curry.This Product Is Gluten Free..

White Base Sauce

Excellent white base sauce with all the attribution of Bechamel sauce. Can be used in a many ways. Ideal use with Taste Sensation rangeSee Related Recipes:Turky Taco Sweet Potatoe FriesBeef Bourguigno..

White Wine and Sage Sauce

Creamy white sauce, smooth on the pallet with flavours of white wine and wild sage! Very popular product...
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