Dry Glazes

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American BBQ Glaze

Typical American BBQ flavour redish brown colour with light tones of hickory and tomato...

Buffalo Glaze

A new glaze due to demand for a hot sticky glaze that delivers a punch when cooked. This one delivers! Good colour retention. Buffalo Glaze..

Cajun Breader

 This Colourful crumb has a medium heat with distinct southern flavours, with chopped herbs and slowly roasted spices for a fuller flavour. Why not try it on skinless chicken portions.  ..

Dry Glaze Bistro

This glaze is highly effective on meat products giving a high gloss finish on the meat imparting a sweet spicy flavour. Good non-drip qualities in tray packs. See Related Recipes:Turkey Bistro Stir-Fr..

Dry Glaze Sate

A Thai inspired sate flavoured glaze with hints of lemongrass and coconut. Ideal for chicken or pork dishes, this product produces an excellent gloss with minimal drip loss with the added value of bei..

Kiernans Sweet and Sour Glaze GL606

Typical sweet and sour glaze with a sharp zesti finish..

Smokey BBQ Glaze

Dark aromatic glaze with traditional smoky flavour and sweetness..Sticky finish when cooked. Smoked Bourbon BBQ Glaze..

Supreme Chinese Dry Glaze

If you want a high coloured shine and good flavours with excellent shelf-life properties then this dusting is as good as it gets...

ULTRAGLAZE Garden Mint 2.5kg

Designed to compliment the stronger flavour, with mint flavour and rubbed mint for a good visual effect...

ULTRAGLAZE Hot & Spicy Glaze 2.5kg

A good visual dusting with kibbled red and green peppers plus essential cayenne for heat, balanced with the sweetness of tomato...
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