Ground Herbs & Spices

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Apollo Peeled Black Sesame Seeds

Apollo Peeled Black Sesame SeedsPack Size 1KG..

Apollo Peeled White Sesame Seeds

Apollo Peeled White Sesame SeedsWeight: 500gr..

Black Ground Pepper

Full of true black pepper character, use this in Moroccan and Middle Eastern recipes Weight: 0.600g..

Ground All Spice (Pimento)

All spice powder is a good substitute for ground cloves in cakes and pastries, when a less pungent flavour is desired. Weight: 1kg..

Ground Celery Seed

Celery seed‘s most popular usage is in coleslaw and potato salads. Celery Seeds are often ground and mixed with other spices to make a seasoning used on meat before grilling. Weight: 25KG..

Ground Chillies

The warming bite and delicious capsicum taste of chilli was warmly embraced by nearly every nation on earth, thus we find some form of capsicum or chilli in nearly every cuisine. Weight: 1kg..

Ground Cinnamon

Use in puddings, cakes, cookies, breads, drinks, curries, meat and game, stews, vegetables, and stewed fruits. Weight: 1kg..

Ground Clove

Culinary uses include use in sweet spice blends for cakes and fruit to pickles, preserved meats and curries. Weight: 25kg..

Ground Coriander

Coriander ground have a distinct, clean, appetizing taste which is most often associated with Thai and other Asian cooking. Weight: 1kg..

Ground Cumin Seeds

Often called ‘the curry spice‘ ground cumin seeds are essential in curry making Weight: 20kg..

Ground Fenugreek

Fenugreek has a strong, curry-like flavour making its a key ingredient in curry powder. Weight: 25kg..

Ground Ginger

A very high quality, aromatic ginger with lots of flavour. Weight: 1kg..

Ground Mace

Mace has a warm, spicy flavor that is subtler, but similar to nutmeg‘s. Mace‘s strong aroma is similar to a combination of pepper & cinnamon. Weight: 1g..

Ground Nutmeg

Nutmeg, regarded as a sweet spice, is used in sweet dishes, with fruit and in pastries. Weight: 1kg..

Ground Turmeric

Turmeric is generally used when colour is sought without the characteristic flavour. Although turmeric has a distinctive flavour, when using it in curry and Chermoula blends it has amalgamating charac..
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