Standard Burger Mixes

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Kiernan Charcoal Grill

Using a light cherry wood flavoured smoke this product is ideal for burgers or grill sticks and should be part of any BBQ assortment. It has also be found useful to combine it with standard seasonings..

Kiernans American Burger Mix MK32

Our largest selling burger mix. Made using the finest ingredients. With subtle hints of onion and pepper for a well-rounded flavoursome burger. Each pack produces 10lbs of burger meat. 28 packs of 340..

Kiernans Gluten Free Burger Seasoning

Our most popular burger mix, with antioxidant and carmine to give excellent shelf-life and colour with a roast onion flavour...

Minced Meat Mixture

A warm flavoured complete mix suitable for beef or lamb, added functional ingredients gives this mix an excellent texture, great for meatballs. No added colour. 1kgs makes 13kgs..

Supreme Texan Burger Mix G/F MSG FREE

Supreme Texan Burger Mix G/F MSG FREE..

Watson Tasty Burger Mix

One of the most popular burger mixes ever sold, and still a firm favourite today. Conveniently packed to make 4.54kg/10Ib batches. Box of 28x0.340gr packets..
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